The Sports Management Institute was a rewarding experience, and I am delighted I chose to attend. From the faculty to the facilities to the food – everything was first class.

Marc Kidd
President, The Kidd Group

SMI took my daily responsibilities and challenged me to apply some up-to-date business principles. The opportunity to work with the faculty and staff in the area of total sports management will give me many things to work toward in the years to come. Every once in a while, you need a reminder on how to do things the right way and with class. SMI provides a great reminder.

Mitch Barnhart
Director of Athletics, University of Kentucky

The program provided an excellent combination of academics and practical applications and excellent networking.

Bret Gilliland
Deputy Commissioner, Mountain West Conference

The Sports Management Institute was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that everyone interested in a career in sports should take advantage of. One of the most beneficial aspects was the opportunity to interact both formally and informally with other class members. I learned a great deal about my own area of professional responsibility as well as the duties of my colleagues. I would most certainly recommend SMI to my peers in professional sports.

Jim Ross
Vice President, Business Development, New York Yankees

SMI provides attendees with an excellent opportunity to interact with the most well-respected professionals in intercollegiate athletics while also expanding their networks. SMI gives one the ability to step out of their current position so they can view and understand athletic administration from every position on the organizational chart. My participation at SMI helped prepare me to become the director of athletics at the University of Connecticut.

Jeff Hathaway
Vice President and Director of Athletics, Hofstra University

SMI exceeded my expectations in every way. The instructors were superb and the subject matter was right on target.

Ishmon Burks
U.S. Military Academy

Attending the Sports Management Institute was a very rewarding experience, with many relationships I formed with my classmates remaining strong today and have been beneficial throughout my career.

Bubba Cunningham
Director of Athletics, University of North Carolina