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The Sports Management Institute: Training Today's Athletics Leaders

Founded by the Universities of Southern California, Notre Dame and North Carolina, the Sports Management Institute provides a specialized executive program for sports management professionals.

SMI: Our Purpose

Our business is changing rapidly. No longer is it possible to manage athletic programs without being knowledgeable and conversant with modern management theory, current marketing and business strategies and recent course cases. Understanding competition and sports is, of course, still essential, but understanding equally well how to move complex organizations forward in today's challenging environment is also essential. And that is what SMI is all about -- providing a unique combination of academic theory and athletic practice.

Times change, and thus our success depends on our ability to adapt to change, and, more specifically, to predict change. As a result, continuing education is absolutely necessary in order to succeed in today's sports organizations. By combining a diverse group of participants, top business school faculty and leading sports administrators from across the country, SMI provides a unique educational experience, unlike any other in the industry.

Applications for the 2015-16 program will be accepted beginning Oct. 1, 2014:
June 21-26, 2015: Hosted by the University of Michigan
January 21-23, 2016: Hosted by the University of Texas


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